Meet Jaci Finneman

Founder of Hello World - No-Problem Parenting

Jaci Finneman is passionate about helping parents become confident leaders for their kids, find happiness in their day-to-day routine, and bring peace back into their homes.

She has been working with families and children for over 30 years. Prior to starting Hello World, Jaci spent over 20 years of that as a Family Counselor meeting with kids and parents directly in their home and helping them to deal with and overcome their behavior challenges.

During her time working with children, the focus was always on “the problem,” or the diagnosis.  Jaci made an intentional shift to teach kids and parents how to give “the problem” less attention and instead, focus on the solution.

In 2013 Jaci started Hello World, a company dedicated to empowering parents to become the confident leaders their kids crave them to be through a model she calls No-Problem Parenting!

When parents feel confident, their kids behavior improves!  Jaci supports and teaches parents how to be the best leader (and advocate) for their child, to transform their kids behavior and reclaim their families peace.


 Jaci is a Parent Coach, Parenting Strategist, Speaker and a Leader.  With over 40,000 hours of experience, her success with parents and children affected by trauma and mental health diagnosis' inspired her to broaden her reach and share her 30 years of experience with parents facing any level of resistance and behavior issues in their home. 

Jaci’s down to earth, authentic and relatable personality adds light, hope and clarity for her clients.  She is 1 of 100 first cousins and enjoys all things baseball, hockey - and dirt. Jaci believes dirt matters! Whether she's getting full of dirt on a muddy 4-wheeling trail, or helping you to clean up the "dirt" in your relationships - Jaci believes the outcome and experience is worth the mess! 

 She and her husband Eric of 25 years live in Central Minnesota with their teenage son Andrew.

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Jaci has over 40,000 hours of experience
coaching parents.

She lives in St. Augusta, MN with her husband Eric and
their son Andrew.

Jaci started Hello World, LLC in 2013.


“My coaching is parent-focused. Parents are their own child’s expert. I am here to empower them to help them help their child.”                                   – Jaci Finneman

What is parent coaching?

You’ve heard of life coaching and career coaching.  Enter parent coaching – a program dedicated to parents that offers alternative perspectives around family situations.  Parent coaching uncovers strategies to shift behavior and family dynamics. It helps single parents, couples, or a parent navigating a difficult divorce, achieve their parenting goals. I coach on how to survive and thrive the day-to-day behaviors that a resistant or withdrawn child might throw at you. I'll help you get to the root of the problems in your home and then teach you strategies for how to respond to your kids while improving your trusting relationships with them.

Parent coaching is not clinical therapy. It’s not designed to delve into complicated family dynamics of the past, or work through crisis.  Jaci’s years of experience have made her very astute to knowing if a family needs to transition to professional clinical help- she can (and will) assist in arranging that move.  Many therapists refer their clients to Jaci for preliminary evaluation, to prepare them for and get the most out of traditional therapy.