Raising Your Kiddos with More CONFIDENCE and LESS FEAR


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Raising Your Kiddos with More CONFIDENCE and LESS FEAR

About This Book: When we decide to become a parent, we are excited and nervous, yet we often feel well-prepared, anxiously waiting for our baby or child to arrive. Some of us unexpectedly become a parent or accept the responsibility of caring for a child that needs a parent and the excitement may sometimes be overshadowed by worry and doubt.

Whatever your level of preparation and excitement, whether as a birth parent, stepping in as another parent or guardian to a child in a combined family, foster or adopt, parenting comes with all the feels and few guarantees. And it’s difficult.
Do you believe you are the expert on your child? Do you feel confident in your ability to care for and advocate for your child? Are you worried you’re making the best decisions, using the best techniques, and having the right conversations? Are you doubting your decisions, relying on family and friends “expert advice: even when you know it won’t work? Do you want someone to step in and “fix” or solve your child or family’s problems?

I designed this book to show you how it’s possible to be the expert on your child while accessing outside support from niched experts who understand and acknowledge the vital role of parents. The authors in this book are not here to solve the problem for you, but rather, with you.

The goal of this book is to inspire you and provide education and a new perspective that will have you feeling confident in areas of parenting that you otherwise felt insecure about.

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