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Couples Counseling Men's & Women's Therapy Career Coaching. Helping clients to better understand and navigate through difficult life situations or relationship challenges is rewarding for us. Without professional help, people can spin their wheels, trying to make things better, but lacking the expertise and outside, objective perspective that allows them to do something more effectively. We find it deeply rewarding to provide that perspective. When you work with us online or by phone we want you to receive counseling therapy confidentially, professionally, and safely. 


Separation and divorce are life-changing events. It is easy to become overwhelmed, and frustrated, and to feel as if your life is spiraling out of control. It is also very common to try to keep this part of your life private, but this is an incredibly difficult task. Many women also feel pressure to make the relationship work, which adds to the emotional stress in the process.

Divorce can be particularly difficult when children are involved. Creating an effective parenting plan can be overwhelming and requires the need to think about today as well as into the future. It also requires the parents to work together to build a new co-parenting relationship that limits conflict, supports the children, and allows for flexibility in real-world situations.


As a Mom or Grandma, it’s perfect for:

• Exchanging thoughts, dreams and ideas with your child or grandchild
• Cultivating a loving and supportive relationship together
• Expanding your skills in crafting and the creative process


The caring support you need if you're a parent who's facing … going through … or moving on after divorce!
  - Divorce and Co-Parenting
  - Parenting Children of Divorce
  - Dating as a Divorced Parent


The Divorced Dadvocate Community gives you the support that I did not have and that most dads do not have. I hope that you will dive into the site and find the resources you need. 



A writer, keynote speaker, and trusted advisor to high-achieving women, Jacqueline Wales inspires audiences to Be Fearless in pursuit of the life they want.


Expert Love Educator & Relationship Coach Railey Molinario is empowering us to create lives we Love by teaching us relationship intelligence.

She's best known for her signature program, the Power Couple Ph.D., which teaches couples her scientifically backed formula for creating happy and healthy relationships. Course creator, magazine editor, podcaster, industry leader, and public speaker,

Railey is providing the world with the tools and techniques, so many of us have been missing for far too long.