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Do you find yourself getting angry a lot? 

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How To Save Your Marriage When It Seems Impossible

Stop the frustration, misunderstandings and energy drainers, so that you can  feel the Love again.

When You Work With Me, You'll Follow the Triple R Method

  1.  You will Recognize & Identify the key marital challenges you and your partner are facing and feel supported.
  2. Learn new ways you can Resolve the Conflict and melt away your differences.
  3. You'll use communication and connection secrets most do not know, and begin to reset your life together. 

Gain a deeper understanding of a child and their behavior with the Kids DISC Birds assessment. Created especially for kids ages 10yrs and over, and using language they understand, the Kids DISC report offers significant insights based on the assessment. With thee distinct sections for kids, parents, and teachers, this report contains helpful information for the child and adults in their lives, for understanding how special and unique they are. 


What does a healthy & loving marriage look like?

Engaged or married and looking for that "Happily Ever After"?  Good for YOU!  You want to make the most of your life and your relationship with your spouse affects almost everything! 

You are either saying, "My spouse is awesome" or "How can I save my marriage"? 


Separation and divorce are life-changing events. It is easy to become overwhelmed, and frustrated, and to feel as if your life is spiraling out of control. It is also very common to try to keep this part of your life private, but this is an incredibly difficult task. Many women also feel pressure to make the relationship work, which adds to the emotional stress in the process.

Divorce can be particularly difficult when children are involved. Creating an effective parenting plan can be overwhelming and requires the need to think about today as well as into the future. It also requires the parents to work together to build a new co-parenting relationship that limits conflict, supports the children, and allows for flexibility in real-world situations.



A writer, keynote speaker, and trusted advisor to high-achieving women, Jacqueline Wales inspires audiences to Be Fearless in pursuit of the life they want.


The Divorced Dadvocate Community gives you the support that I did not have and that most dads do not have. I hope that you will dive into the site and find the resources you need. 


When dealing with the fallout of a broken marriage, separation and divorce it can be overwhelming and emotional.  You are trying to handle the divorce process, make it normal for the kids, and balance work, finances, friends and family.  All while dealing with uncertainty, frustration, sadness and anger.


As a Mom or Grandma, it’s perfect for:

• Exchanging thoughts, dreams and ideas with your child or grandchild
• Cultivating a loving and supportive relationship together
• Expanding your skills in crafting and the creative process