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We help busy, frustrated, and/or overwhelmed small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and no-profits like you improve their digital marketing solutions to catapult their business success! We do this through building new websites, optimizing existing websites, improving SEO, setting up opt-ins and sales funnel, and implementing complementary software such as scheduling and CRM management. Ultimately, our goal is to take the technology woes off your plate so you can focus on what YOU are passionate about. 


Are you a purposefully driven entrepreneur that loves what you do but just can’t seem to alleviate the hustle in your day-to-day? Are you looking for alternative ways to create more revenue streams in your business so you have more time, more money, and spend the hours in your day doing what it is that you love?

I am here to guide you through discovering the areas in your business and personal life where you can gain clarity, increase your revenue, and become more productive with your time. Working with me you will gain self-confidence and have the urge to conquer your dreams and make them a reality! I’m a no BS, it’s time to take action, and use your voice pioneer. Let’s do this!

Studies show that most women suffer from lower self esteem for at least 3 years after having kids. You are not alone! The word “Mom” tends to define us instead of becoming a role that we play. Chaos n’ Cookies keeps you from crumbling and will help you find your sweet spot. Whether that be starting a new business, going back to school or getting healthier…it’s time to feel more full and treat yourself because cookies aren’t just for kids. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have more time, more freedom, and more fun?


Does the idea of paying for your kid's college keep you up at night?

70% of college students graduate with student loan debt.
It doesn't have to be that way. 

Give your child the opportunity to become one of the 30% that begins their young adult life with complete financial freedom!  

The Next-Level Income Show is to provide you with the knowledge to help you raise your income, investments, and life to the next level.

​SCALE YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS TO SIX-FIGURE AND BEYOND!      Are you tired of trying to scale your network marketing business and getting nowhere? Are you sick of being stagnant at the same profit every month, wondering what you are doing wrong, and having everyone doubt that you can have success in network marketing? Are you sick of sending cold market messages? ​Are you ready to have it all?

Next Monday offers individual coaching, consulting, leadership development, peer groups, and events to help connect and inspire a life with no regrets. The company is a champion for connecting leaders, particularly women, who support, challenge, and encourage each other. We have served more than 100 executive women in peer groups and thousands of women through special events.


Empowering women to master their money skills, She helps women identify and release their money baggage so that they are able to set and achieve their financial goals. 



You may have been taught how to cope with your fears and challenges.  You may have used willpower for a while.  But what I  teach my clients is how to obliterate those fears and challenges. Learning the tools to destroy them not just coping mechanisms.