Is parenting truly a “crapshoot," or can we journey through the unpredictable twists and turns with confidence and grace? In "No-Problem Parenting™,' twenty renowned authors pool their collective wisdom to dispel the myth that Parenting must be a roll
of the dice.

With their vast experience, these experts illuminate the paths that allow parents to rise above their fears and Parent with both heart and foresight. They share poignant stories of resilience, triumph, and connection, proving that intentional yet imperfect Parenting is not only possible but a gateway to fostering a strong bond with your children. 

Whether you're a parent advocating for a child with special needs or simply seeking to navigate the common challenges of raising a family, "No-Problem Parenting™" offers tools, resources, and inspiration. It's a book that recognizes the power of community,
champions small and local businesses, and embraces the belief that geographical location shouldn't be a barrier to nurturing your family's well-being.

This volume goes beyond Parenting techniques; it's about igniting confidence in your abilities, understanding that your child's future isn't a mere reflection of your efforts, and knowing you don't have to tread this path alone. The authors lead you through a journey filled with empathy, compassion, and Practical guidance, encouraging you to just do your best and remember: Parenting isn't a game of chance, it's a dance of love, dedication, and connection.

Join us in the world of "No-Problem Parenting™," where every challenge is met with heart, every fear is conquered with confidence, and every child is given wings to fly.


>>> STARRING <<<


                        Chapter 1: Jaci Finneman                                                                     Chapter 11: Kelly Flood

                        Chapter 2: Dr. Christy Matusiak                                                            Chapter 12: Kimberly Gawne           

                        Chapter 3: Denise Policano                                                                   Chapter 13: Kohila Sivas

                                      Schwendeman, and Victoria Schendeman

                        Chapter 4: Elvira DiBrigit                                                                     Chapter 14: Mardi Winder-Adams

                        Chapter 5: Helen Harwood Snell                                                          Chapter 15: Dr. Mort Orman, M.D.

                        Chapter 6: J.J. Kelly, Psy.D.                                                                  Chapter 16: Rosalind Sedacca               

                        Chapter 7: Joy Bartholomew                                                                Chapter 17: Ruthanne Warnick

                        Chapter 8: Julie Kenzler                                                                       Chapter 18: Teresa Dawn Johnson

                        Chapter 9: Kate K. Lund, Psy.D.                                                            Chapter 19: Tiffiny Roper

                        Chapter 10: Kay Chorna                                                                       Chapter 20: Vera Thomas