EP. 78 Tantrums, Meltdowns & Misbehavior; Build trust with your toddlers and preschoolers with the Sit in the Chair Technique

Do your kids believe you will follow through when you redirect them? Do they believe you mean what you say? Or, maybe you set a limit, redirect or give a consequence to your child and they misbehave anyway? Maybe they laugh at you, run the other way when you call them or wet noodle to the floor, throw a tantrum and pull out all the stops to get you to give in?

The Sit in the Chair technique is for kids under 5 years old and its designed to stop an unwelcome behavior and helps your child reset without lecturing, yelling, or explaining.


EP. 80 7 Things Jaci Recommends to help you become the confident leader your kids crave you to be!

As the summer winds down and we gear up for the school year, Jaci shares 7 of her favorite products and resources that fill her tank, support her health, and nurture her confidence!

  1. EP. 78 Sit in the Chair free download: Sit in the Chair 

  2. EP. 23 Make it Right Technique free download: Make it Right

  3. Your Guided Health Journey/Equilife Detox; Health Kickstart & Detox

  4. Innov*tive Nutrition: https://innov8tive.com/

  5. Beauty Counter Skin Care: Beauty Counter

  6. Chaos N Cookies/Heather's Free Chaos Consultation

  7. 54 Day Novena: Rosary Novena


EP 87 Book Launch No-Problem Parenting; Raising Your Kiddos with More Confidence & Less Fear

Parenting has become harder than ever. Combine the pandemic, extreme anxiety, cell phones, and social media, and many parents are at a complete loss for what to do next and fearful to make mistakes.

We created the book, No-Problem Parenting™; Raising Your Kiddos with More Confidence and Less Fear to help parents of the fear bus gain confidence in their parenting!

The book features 21 authors who share how they are helping parents and kids become confident and kick fear to the curb

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