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How to Raise Well-Behaved Kids Without Yelling, Shaming, or Time-Outs? A free class for frustrated exhausted overwhelmed parents. 


I help parents communicate with their children and each other, to create a home environment that supports, nurtures, and promotes connection and independence.


Discover what you need mentally, emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually to experience living the way you desire! Let’s face it… The bad habits that exist in our lives are detrimental to our health in all these areas AND it is just not possible to do what needs to be done on your own and know that you are not alone at the same time!


Transforming individuals to SPEAK with power, FEED in word, and LEAD with positive influence! We provide classes that empower children, teens, and adults to be confident, effective public speakers.


As a Master Teen Mentor, I will help your teen find their spark again In 3 Sessions or Less.




I specifically am passionate about equipping moms and mentors of young teen girls to be confident in their identity. The identity that is uniquely created for each individual girl is given by a loving Creator. I am here to help girls lessen the voices of the lies they hear and amplify the truth about them. 


Kong Academy empowers kids to become physically and emotionally strong through play and movement because kids deserve the education they need to face and better the world.


I help people overcome overwhelm by discovering their why and making room for what matters most.


Are you a parent of a child with autism, ADHD, or behavioral issues who are frustrated with your current service provider? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the number of services your child is receiving? Do you feel discouraged because the traditional approaches aren’t working anymore and your child has reached a plateau? At BehaviorWorx, we help you create holistic, individualized behavior interventions to address the root cause of your child’s behavior.


MOURNING IS CRUCIAL FOR HEALING. Suffering is optional. When you understand your mind, body, and spirit, you are better equipped to navigate through your feelings of grief. 


I focus on the ONE THING, the one process, that will help every parent set their daughter up to leave childhood equipped with the confidence, respect, and wisdom every young woman needs today!


Gain a deeper understanding of a child and their behavior with the Kids DISC Birds assessment. Created especially for kids ages 10yrs and over, and using language they understand, the Kids DISC report offers significant insights based on the assessment. With three distinct sections for kids, parents, and teachers, this report contains helpful information for the child and the adults in their lives, for understanding how special and unique they are. 


You're on a parenting detour without a map. You're heartbroken and devastated. The dreams you had for your family are no longer possible. A child is gone, and another child needs you, but you don't know how to be there for them. Nothing is as it was. How can you be the parent your child needs?


Providing continuing education training opportunities is imperative to maintain an effective behavioral health workforce in outstate Minnesota. The Center has provided over 10,000 training hours to hundreds of behavioral healthcare professionals throughout outstate Minnesota. 


Are you struggling to figure out how to manage the chaos: in your mind, your home, and your family? Parenting with ADHD is hard! Let's do life like our brains do life: creatively, lovingly, and with all our might. When we embrace who we are and how our brains work, we can figure out how to live our lives successfully and in turn, lead our families well.


Dr. Kelly teaches people emotional intelligence skills so that they don't have to be dependent on doctors and therapists in order to be happy, healthy, and free.


Cailen Ascher is an award-winning Business + Mindset Coach with a 3-day workweek, a mom of two little girls, and the creator of Scale-Up which gives mompreneurs a clear roadmap to six-figure years while working just 3 days a week!


A healthy relationship with your children begins... · It's time to make a change. You're ready to become calmer. · I'm Hunter Clarke-Fields, the mindful mama mentor.


Discover what you need mentally, emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially, spiritually to experience living the way you desire! Let’s face it… The bad habits that exist in our lives are detrimental to our health in all these areas AND it is just not possible to do what needs to be done on your own and know that you are not alone at the same time!


Parents may not want to acknowledge their children may be suicidal, however when you know these seven warning signs, you are better prepared to help your child through difficult situations: Alcohol and drug use Unnecessary risk-taking Obsession with death and dying Loss of interest in usual activities Neglecting one's personal appearance Acting-out behaviors and running away Withdrawal from friends and family members


Welcome! You're in good hands. Calling all moms, looking for more confidence. Are you ready to smooth out the transition from pregnancy to 4th trimester?


Are you a parent who is feeling stuck and maybe even at the end of your rope? I’m Cynthia Klein and I can help you learn how to break the negative cycles you may be caught in and create a happier family.

If you want more cooperation, respect and to simply enjoy your children more, let’s talk! I can easily determine the causes of your challenges and quickly get you on the road to successful interactions.

If you want to transform your family interactions from a tug-of-war to a harmonious dance of cooperation, let’s start today!

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         Helping You Overcome Your PARENTING CHALLENGES

You will find a new way of showing up for yourself and your child. Parenting has always been hard work but is now more challenging than ever as a result of today’s chaotic, stressed-filled, and technology-driven society.

Get started on transformative change in your family.


Talk: Human Resource Development Congress ~ Mumbai

In February 2020 Bertie traveled to India to accept an award for top 101 Most Fabulous Coaching leaders. While there he was asked to do a talk and provided insight on ‘Vision with Imagination’. This is a brand new method of approaching your dreams and the execution thereof.


Our mission is empowering new and transitioning SLPs around the world to step into their careers with passion, skill, and confidence, embraced in a culture of acceptance, collaboration, and accountability. Our industry experience supports you in launching your career and reach your maximum potential using the best tools and resources available.