Sometimes you just need to brainstorm new options for working through a behavior challenge.  

Meet with Jaci one time or as needed (or upgrade to one of our session packages).

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Put your oxygen mask on first!  Your kids will thank you (although maybe not until they are older 😉)



 I'm so happy that you are ready to become the superstar parent

you're meant to be and ready to shift your

mindset so that you can LEAD a happy, confident family and

have the peace of mind that you are crushing the parent game.


You'll learn things like:

  • the deep-seeded roots of your child's behavior issues and why your gut reaction and traditional discipline tactics seldom work
  • why empathy is so important to your relationships
  • the no-pressure key to changing the way you approach resistance
  • Where does emotional resistance come from?
  • Our brains role in developing coping skills
  • Gaining perspective
  • Empathy vs Sympathy and Why it’s so important
  • Remember the Pause
  • No-Problem Responses
  • Being prepared=Less Resistance
  • How bad is it? The role your anxiety or frustration plays in your parenting style
  • Behavior is the problem not the child
  • Consequences vs Punishment
  • How to build a support network
  • Hold the consequences
  • Sometimes the greatest response is to say nothing at all
  • No-Problem Attitude
  • and lots more ......all in under 2 hours!

This tried-and-true perspective on parenting works in almost any relationship and its what I teach all of my clients regardless of how old their kids are or how tough their current situation is. 

No-Problem Parenting works for ALL parents even if you aren't currently struggling. 

  • Includes 26 audio/video segments (between 2-10 minutes each)
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • 30 minute zoom sesh with Jaci (optional)
  • AND an APP for ease of access

Get started TODAY and see a change in your family's relationships as soon as the first day!