One Hour Virtual Presentation for Organizations

Support the working parents in your company by offering No-Problem Parent training:

We customize these presentations' topics, duration, (and expenses) to meet your employee support and wellness goals.

Suggested Topics:

No-Problem Parenting™: 3 Steps to turning behavior problems into No-Problem

Become a No-Problem Parent: Lead with Confidence & Kick Worry, Frustration, and Guilt to the curb!

Resistant Relationships: Overcome Resistance in your relationships at Home and Work

Mrs. Over-Do-It: How's that working for ya? Stop being so "busy," and live life intentionally.

Custom: A tailored presentation, the topic of your choice, to meet the current needs of your community.

Connect with Jaci to reserve a date and discuss details.

Training for Working Parents - Employee Wellness, Parenting Groups, Child Care Providers and Family Friendly Organizations (2)