These are some awesome resources we recommend to all parents! Click on each image below to access the resource.


At Dynamis Learning Academy, we help students achieve great results through tutoring services in Atlanta. We provide online and in-home tutoring services with a personal approach.


There is no perfect answer or prescription for avoiding violence. If you’re wondering what you can do to prevent anything bad from ever happening to you or someone you love, we’re going, to be honest with you—nothing.

But there is much women and men can do – and must do — to sharpen their situational awareness and put their personal safety top of mind and practice. 


What is bullying? What happens when a child/teen tells on a bully? What are we doing to respond to bullying and can we eradicate it? Do we provide support to the victim and the perpetrator?

Peter created Peace Rooms to replace verbal and corporal punishment or expelling kids.


Not quite sure why your child seems to be missing it and eager to support their social-emotional development?

Get clear, practical, and essential tools to help you fill in the gaps that your child seems to be missing in language, cognition, and emotional skills.